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No matter how big or small God listens to our prayers. Prayer chains are a powerful means of creating a community of prayer. We will post those needs on the page below. All we ask is that you pray for those needs on the list. When God answers the prayer please send us another email and we will post an update. We know if we trust in the Lord that he will take care of us. The hardest part for many of us is seeing the way God answers our prayers. It's kind of like shingling a roof. We want it all to be done right away, but they go on one shingle at a time. Sometimes our prayers are answered like that, one shingle at a time. We need to be open and recognize this is just one small step to a larger picture. If you have a need please feel free to email us



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Prayer Request

Please pray for our son and his wife, that they bring God into the center of their new marriage.
For my 3 children. We have had a very bad year this year as a family and
I know they are starting to really feel the repercussions.
I try to keep them as happy and reasonably sheltered as possible, but
the are smart and they know and feel what happens in their
surroundings. I hope they can enjoy the upcoming school year and enjoy
lots of new friends and activities. Also, that they will be
understanding of whatever happens with their father & my
relationship.....and that they may all have good role models of what a
true loving relationship is supposed to be like.


For my brother to arrive safely back here from Afghanistan this
Thursday.He has been gone for 3 months - please pray that he will integrate back
to family life with his wife and girls as easily as possible.


Update on Caleb: Pat called and shared good news that Caleb is doing better.  The family wants to thank everyone for the prayers.  Caleb is not out of the woods, but has more energy and may even attempt attending school.  The prayers are working.
Please pray for my daughter-in-law and son they are expecting baby number 2  in a couple of weeks the baby is breech so the doctor is going to try and turn the baby next week on Wednesday.  They are worried and praying that all goes well. 


Please pray for a Cursillista family that is having marriage difficulties. Please pray that the husband will turn away from the distractions and false promises of the culture we live in today. Let his heart be turned back to God and let him realize the true value and commitment of the sacrament of marriage. We also pray that the extended family will be supportive of both parties and the children of this marriage. In God's name we pray, Amen.
Please pray for a group of Most Precious Blood Parishioners(several are Curisillistas) running a relay in the Fox Cities Marathon on 9/23. They are attempting to get pledges and donations for the charity they are running for, Elizabeth Ministries. For more information contact Jim Russell at 


Please pray for a cursillista who is having a prostate cancer biopsy today. He has a large family and they need his health to be restored. Please pray that there is no cancer and his health can be restored soon. In God's name we pray, Amen.


Please pray for Brian who is interviewing for a new job on September 6th.  Pray they can see the gifts and talents of this young man.  Pray also for his family.


Please pray for my Allen who will have surgery the first part of Oct. He has a big cyst on his left kidney and it has wrapped around his internal organs. They think he will lose his kidney, spleen and they don't know about the colon and pancreas. I am really trying to put him in God's hands, but sometimes as a Mom I get scared and worry. Thank you all.
Thank you for the prayer. Our son emailed me today and all is okay. He said that it is 120-140 degrees in kuwatt.


Please pray for my 21 year old daughter who keeps making the wrong choices,my wife who is losing her faith and is angry with God, and for my mother-in-law as she has been told ther is no more that can be done for her heart condition.
Thank you
Please pray for my dad, Phil, who fractured a vertebrae in his neck, that he will not have any danger of paralysis. Pray whatever treatment the doctors decide (surgery or neck brace),  that it will work to heal his neck soon.  Pray the pain will not be too bad and that he will trust God to heal him.   Also pray the Holy Spirit will be with my mom to give her strength, and trust in the Lordís healing power.   Thank you for your prayers.
Please pray for a young man (22) that was in a high speed roll over crash on Friday evening. He was air lifted to Theda Clark and is listed in critical condition, may the power of the Holy Spirit surround this family and this young man so that they may know that they are not alone. We ask this in Jesusí name Ė AMEN!
I would like a prayer request for Jesus to find my daughter a job, and my other daughter to have a safe trip home from abroad.  I worry, and have nobody else to turn to besides Jesus. 
Please pray for Joyce Banker who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.
We have been asked to pray for Pat who found lumps on her breast.  Her mother and two sister already have breast cancer.
Please pray for my husband who is a builder. He has 2 beautiful homes on the market and needs to sell them to keep his head above water. I know God will see him through this tough time.
Thank you!



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