Christian Persecution


The 20th century may go down as the "Century of Martyrs." More martyrs died in the 20th century than all the other centuries combined. Currently China, the Sudan, and East Timor are the hot spots although unjust regimes are persecuting Christians throughout the world. One thing that has been clear throughout the centuries is that Satan craves the blood of human sacrifice. In the 20th century he achieved this through abortion and the blood of martyrs.


We are limited in what we can do to help our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world, but I believe we are obligated to be their advocates whenever possible. Those of us who are free to express our opinions and worship as we please cannot take these freedoms for granted. We must exercise them as we stand up for those who suffer for their faith.


The United States, which prides itself on freedom of speech and religion, really is focused on money. It seems one can always get richer. Capitalism tempered with Christianity is the best working economic model for the world, but pure capitalism is about greed. It seems the U.S. will turn a blind eye if there is money to be made. I believe money drives our nation's policies toward China, not empathy for the millions of people suffering under Communism's heavy hand.


The Chinese government has arrested 10 Catholic bishops, 51 priests and lay people, and has murdered one priest since May 1999. At Tianamen square in 1989 thousands of protesting students were shot and more were sent to labor camps. Yet, we grant China permanent trade status despite the well-documented abuses because we can benefit from lower tariffs. We claim to be the pillar of democracy in our world and send our troops to fight for freedom around the world, but when there is money to be made our values suddenly take a back seat. We are showing our true colors are not red, white, and blue but green, green, green. To quote the musical group They Might be Giants, "You can't shake the devil's hand and say you're only kidding."


The Sudan's picture is graver with nearly 4 million people displaced or killed. Christian's are routinely forced into slavery, brainwashed, raped, mutilated and killed. The bishop from southern Sudan, who is now in exile in Kenya, has reported that even Christian schools have been bombed. The U.S. has turned a blind eye again, in part, because Christian persecution is not on our priority list and because there is still some racism embedded in our minds. We did go into Kosovo because they are European and money was at stake, but going into the Sudan (where the problems are not only similar but on a much larger scale) is out of the question.


Because the U.S. murders babies thousands of times daily through surgical abortion, we can hardly take the high road on the forced abortion policies of China, but the number of souls aborted in this world are staggering. These innocent souls comprise the largest number of martyrs in the last century.


Yes, Satan craves the blood of human sacrifice. I pray that Our Lady of Guadelupe, Patroness to the Unborn, crushes the head of Satan as she did 500 years ago through Saint Juan Diego when the Aztecs converted and stopped sacrificing humans to their pagan gods.


Let's remember the lesson of Cain and Abel, we are our brother's keeper. "The Lord then said, 'What have you done! Listen: Your brother's blood cries out me from the soil!'" (Genesis 4:10)


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