We recorded 24 songs in 1 hour and 20 minutes! We added three more for a grand total of 27 songs. Almost every song was one take.  This was 8 years ago.


You will need realplayer to listen to the recordings

 500 K Where is my kitty

1651K Put My Little Shoes A Way

 1982K Silver Haired Daddy

To listen to two bonus tracks including the title track go to the Saints in our Midst section. Read up on Grandpa Ernie.

There is also another link to the third CD Grandma and I recorded at my home.  I am on backup vocals and the instruments and she does all the lead vocals.  We recorded this on her 85th birthday.  My brother Greg also contributed a vocal on "Sunshine" and some subtle guitar work.


Click here to see the songs.  Enjoy.