Boycott List


Planned Parenthood

Those companies that give money to Planned Parenthood are found at the following link. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the country and they distribute a large amount of contraceptives that abort. They are a multimillion dollar business profiting from the deaths of tiny babies. STOPP is an organization specifically targeting Planned Parenthood and their bloody agenda.

The U.S. government has given Planned Parenthood $1.81 Billion since 1987. Maybe it is time to exert more pressure on our Congress.


Companies contributing to Planned Parenthood



Unfortunately Disney has joined the list of contributors to Planned Parenthood. Additionally, they have been specifically anti-Christian in their movies. When the Southern Baptists decided to boycott this media giant and the Knights of Columbus sold all 50,000 stock shares in the company you know there is a serious problem. The Catholic Church is the largest Christian Church in the U.S. and the Southern Baptists are the largest Protestant Church in the U.S. The Christian Church in general needs to wake up the flock because there is a wolf among the sheep.


Disney owned companies



It is a daunting task to avoid purchasing things made in China, but it can be done. Clearly it is unavoidable at times, but cutting down speaks for the persecuted people there. My family has been very successful and at times go without and at times pay a little more, but in the end my conscience says we did not give in to an oppressive government. Here is my list




It is a crime that we allowed the permanent trade status to pass Congress and it proves that the U.S. is ultimately concerned with money, not freedom.